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AIDS Alabama hosts annual consumer education training sessions for those living with HIV/AIDS throughout the state of Alabama. These training sessions serve as a way for those living with HIV/AIDS to be engaged in advocacy efforts. By training those living with HIV/AIDS on how to effectively communicate and educate relevant stakeholders and decision makers on HIV/AIDS issues, we ensure that Alabama’s population of people living with HIV/AIDS maintains a vibrant voice statewide.


AIDS Alabama provides a host of opportunities for interested people living with HIV/AIDS to communicate to their elected officials and relevant decision makers. Opportunities include letter-writing campaigns, online communication, and face-to-face meetings and events.


AIDS Alabama’s advocacy efforts culminate in providing Alabamians living with HIV/AIDS the opportunity to mobilize and raise their voices as a concerned group. The agency hosts an annual Media Day event in Montgomery, providing a direct channel for those living with HIV/AIDS to engage their elected officials in a discussion about HIV/AIDS issues.


Alabama Latino AIDS Coalition


Alabama Latino AIDS Coalition seeks to improve sexually transmitted infections and HIV Knowledge, prevention efforts and access to services among the Latino Community in Alabama.


Coordinate an effective network of Health services providers, non- profit Organizations, churches, universities, colleges, AIDS services organizations and community leaders to connect the Latino community in Alabama to HIV testing, education, advocacy; and linkage to care for Latinos living with HIV/AIDS

Provides the following services:

  • Provide free HIV testing and confidential in our offices, health fairs, consulates and outreach events in the communities.
  • Linkage to care (Make referrals, follow-ups, and appointments with clinics for health care).
  • Make referrals to other organizations for additional assistance.
  • Bi-monthly meetings with members of the coalitions.
  • Interpretation services for appointments for transitional Programs, permanent housing, and emergency Financial Assistance.
  • Free education through conferences and workshops for HIV prevention and sexually transmitted infections in the community.
  • Education about living well with HIV.
  • Advocacy for Latinos living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Advocacy for social justice and reduce health disparities in the Latino community.


All services in Spanish.

Civic Engagement

VocAL Communities Programs and Services

A project of AIDS Alabama

AIDS Alabama’s Advocacy department is involved in multiple efforts that engage people living with HIV/AIDS (and the communities disparately impacted by the epidemic) and encourage civic participation. Through town hall meetings, public awareness campaigns, community events, and other civic engagement programming, community members will learn ways to take action and speak out on the social and political issues affecting those living with HIV. By mobilizing those living with HIV/AIDS and building coalitional alliances with intersecting movements, AIDS Alabama is empowering community members to take part in enacting positive social change throughout the state of Alabama. These programs are made possible by generous funding from the Ford Foundation.

Voter Registration

AIDS Alabama offers voter registration services at our main office. You can also register vote here. Online voter registration is currently only available for Alabama residents with an Alabama state ID or driver’s license that are 17 and a half years old or older.

Voting Rights Restoration

In Alabama, residents with prior felony convictions may be able to restore their voting rights after they have completed the terms of their sentence. Community members interested in restoring their right to vote can contact AIDS Alabama’s Civic Engagement Coordinator, KJ Vaughan, at 205-918-8220.

Voting Resource Center

Q: Who’s eligible to vote in Alabama?
A: Residents of Alabama who are US citizens, will be 18 on or before election day, and have not had their voting rights removed due to a disqualifying felony conviction or a declaration of “mental incompetence” by a court.

Q: How do I register to vote?
A: In AL, you can register by completing a registration form and returning it by hand or mail to your county Board of Registrars, or by completing an online registration at www.alabamavotes.gov (only available if you have an AL state ID/license).

Q: If I’ve registered before, do I need to register again?
A:  If you’ve moved or had a legal name change since you last registered, you must update your registration.

Q: I’m a college student from out of state. Can I vote in AL?
A: Yes. If you currently attend college in AL, you can choose to register and vote at either your permanent address or your address in AL.

Q: I’ve previously been convicted of a crime. Can I register to vote?
A: Yes, unless you were convicted of a felony (not including DUI or drug possession for personal use) and did not have your voting rights restored. To discuss restoring your voting rights, contact the ACLU of Alabama at (334) 353-7206.

National Voter Protection Hotline 1-866-OUR-VOTE

Election Day Rides

AIDS Alabama and community partners provide free rides to the polls on most general election days. Contact KJ Vaughan at 205-918-8220 for more information.